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Bachelor in Health Sciences at the Charité Berlin

The Bachelor's Degree in Health Sciences at the Charité Berlin combines elements of the biosciences with the human and social sciences and teaches a broad range of methodological and professional skills including the:

• Collection, processing and analysis of health-related data,
• Theories and concepts of health promotion and prevention, and
• Functioning, design and management of health systems.

Enrollment in the program, which is taught in German, is dependent on previous training and experience in the fields of health care, nursing and/or therapy. In addition, a qualification for entrance to higher education is required (the German Abitur or equivalent, which can be replaced by three years of professional experience in the health sector). Students who acquired their academic qualification(s) and/or professional experience outside of Germany need the required German language skills
( They also need a German authorization to practice their health profession from the Landesamt für Gesundheit und Soziales (

Bachelor Program Objectives

The multidisciplinary study of health sciences at the Charité Berlin builds on the traditional profile of the health professions. Students in the program will develop knowledge, skills and competences in:

  • Biostatistics and epidemiology,
  • Social studies with focus on health prevention and health promotion (psychology, social studies, pedagogics, politics, ethics, etc.)
  • Empirical health research including both qualitative and quantitative methods, and
  • Key competences in health education and health care.

The program consists of both theoretical and praxis-oriented modules. The different program modules are designed to enable students to critically reflect and build on their existing professional expertise. As part of this process, the focus is on both theoretical knowledge as well as the practical application of course contents.

News about the Program

For news about the program please click here.

Bachelor in Health Sciences at the Charité Berlin

The bachelor program in health sciences exposes students to the contents and methodological foundations of the different health and social sciences taught at the Charité Berlin. In addition, professional skills are taught and deepened for practical application in the health sector.

Degree:  Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.).

Duration of program:
3 years (6 semesters) for full time students, with the option of part-time study (up to 6 years)

Accreditation of the Bachelor's Degree in Health Sciences

The Bachelor's Degree in Health Sciences at the Charité Berlin has been program accredited by the German Accreditation Agency in Health and Social Sciences (AHPGS) until June 2022. The program is regularly reviewed to ensure compliance with formal requirements and to promote quality in teaching and learning.