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Bachelor in Health Sciences at the Charité Berlin

Are you interested in how the health of school children, students or older people, for example, can be promoted? You can imagine preparing health information - for example on pandemics or hygiene behaviour - in such a way that it is understandable even without prior medical knowledge? You want to learn more about methods of epidemiology and health research?

Then the Bachelor's degree programme in Health Sciences is just right for you. The programme combines elements from biosciences, natural science and human sciences. In addition to its multidisciplinary character, health sciences are characterised by a population-based and resource-oriented perspective. This Bachelor's degree programme is not about treating health problems of individuals. Rather, it is about the promotion of health in the population or selected population groups, maintained and secured through suitable measures. This is precisely what the health sciences want to contribute to.

Contents of the Bachelor’s programme

The bachelor's degree programme in health sciences is concerned with, among other things:

  • collecting, processing and analysing health-related information and data
  • linking theories and concepts of health promotion and prevention
  • analysing and securing the functioning, design and control of health systems
  • investigating the influences of society and the environment on the health of the population.

In addition to basic theoretical knowledge from the various health science disciplines, students also acquire scientific methodological skills, for example, from

  • biostatistics
  • epidemiology or
  • empirical health research and
  • key competencies

Praxis-oriented modules and a project-oriented internship phase serve to reflect on practice and enable students to carry out health science activities.

The program consists of both theoretical and praxis-oriented modules. The different program modules enable students to critically reflect and build on their existing professional expertise. As part of this process, the focus is on theoretical knowledge as well as the practical application of course contents.

Accreditation of the Bachelor's Degree in Health Sciences

The Bachelor's Degree in Health Sciences at the Charité Berlin has been program accredited by the German Accreditation Agency in Health and Social Sciences (AHPGS) until June 2022. The program is regularly reviewed to ensure compliance with formal requirements and to promote quality in teaching and learning.