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Application and admission procedure

Admission to the Bachelor in Health Sciences is only possible in the winter semester. The application period is from 01.06. to 31.07. each year. Applications are to be submitted by e-mail to the Office of Student Affairs.

Only a higher education entrance qualification valid in Berlin will be required to apply for a place on the Bachelor's programme in Health Sciences. Relevant vocational training is no longer required, but may be advantageous. Further details can be found in the admission regulations.

Selection procedure

After deduction of the preliminary quotas, study places are awarded following the Charité selection procedure. The following are taken into account equally:

1. the result of the higher education entrance qualification (average grade),

2. the grade of a final certificate of training in a profession relevant to the course of study (vocational certificate grade).

An applicant ranking list is drawn up according to points.

- For the average grade of 1.0 on the higher education entrance qualification, 900 points are credited; for each tenth grade above this, 30 points are deducted.

- For the grade 1.0 on the vocational qualification certificate, 900 points are credited; for each tenth grade above this, 30 points are deducted.

These two scores are added together. The applicants' ranking is based on the sum of these scores.

Professions relevant to the study are:

- Geriatric nurse

- Dietician

- Occupational therapist

- Health care and paediatric nurse

- Health care and nursing assistant

- midwife or maternity nurse

- Speech therapist

- Emergency paramedic

- Orthoptist

- Registered nurse

- Physiotherapist